About Our eVouchers

All promotional eVouchers are sold for a nominal price on Club Vouchers website, the price depends on the amount of discount, deal or offer, normally starts at 99p to a maximum of £2.50. We have waved our charges to the restaurant to get you higher discounts and greater savings.

Discount eVouchers

Restaurants may introduce promotional discounts on final table bills at certain times. Our discount eVouchers are exactly that, they provide you with a range of 10%, 15% and up to %60 discounts on your final table bill.

Deal eVouchers

This is a set-deal eVoucher, a typical example of this: a normal price of £25 that may include a starter, main course, dessert and a drink is reduced to £15 on certain days of the week. A deal eVoucher usually per person and not per table, if you are a group of friends, you may need to get separate eVouchers each.

Offer eVouchers

A good example of this type of eVoucher: a restaurant may offer a Free bottle of wine with your meal for few guests, each restaurant have their own way of making this type of offer, please check our website regularly for different types of published offers.

ClubVouchers.com is a Reward & Loyalty marketing service designed for restaurants to launch cut-price campaigns to reward you “The Customer” with value deals and offers.
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